Lån tilbudt i Norge 2018


MoneyGuru SIA

Adresse: Cālīšpurva iela 27, Baloži, Ķekavas novads, Latvija, LV-2128

Registreringsnummer: 41503072001

Bank: Swedbank AS

Kontonummer: LV15HABA0551039971895


E-post: partner@moneyguru24.com


MoneyGuru24.com eies og forvaltes av MoneyGuru SIA.
MoneyGuru SIA (reg. no. 41503072001) is registered in The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (RE). “The RE is a legal person that acts under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice and its activity is regulated by the law on "The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia", the Regulations of the RE approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and other regulative enactments.”

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